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The Team

Our Story

Aletheia Imaging Solutions is a spin-out from the University of Manchester. Incorporated in 2021, our aim is to bring metrological traceability to X-ray CT. Aletheia’s patented 3D calibration targets and sophisticated analysis software provide users of X-ray CT with the confidence that their system is achieving sufficient spatial resolution and measurement confidence for the Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) application at hand.

Dr Andrew Bowfield

Managing Director

After obtaining both his BSc and PhD (focusing on XPS) in Physics at the University of Liverpool, Andrew spent five years as an academic researcher broadening into the area of electrical engineering. Two of these years were based at NPL, thus metrology is at the core of Andrew’s experience in research, development and innovation.

Andrew then wished to pursue a career in the private sector, where he became a project scientist / test validation engineer for a company designing synchrotron instruments, followed by a Technical Sales Manager position at an automation services integrator.

It was while working as a Research and Business Development Manager at the Henry Royce Institute that Andrew developed a commercialisation plan for Aletheia’s proprietary spatial target designs. It is his role to ensure Aletheia’s product development pathway continues to be aligned with industry requirements for calibration of X-ray CT systems.

Samuel Johnston

Scientific Director

Samuel Johnston graduated in 2018 with a Masters degree in Physics (MPhys) from The University of Manchester and is close to completing a PhD in Materials Science at the same university. Samuel is undertaking his PhD research in the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility which is one of the largest X-ray imaging labs in the world and his research has seen him work on the development of several cutting-edge novel X-ray imaging modalities. During the course of his PhD, Samuel has capitalised upon his extensive knowledge of X-ray CT to deliver training courses in CT theory, image processing and 3D visualisation to hundreds of academic and industrial users from across the X-ray CT community.

In parallel to his interest in novel X-ray imaging techniques, Samuel has engaged in the development of industrial metrology hardware and software solutions to enable to the characterisation of spatial resolution and measurement confidence in X-ray CT. In his role as Scientific Director, Samuel is spearheading the use of imaging physics and signal processing to unleash the full potential of X-ray CT for non-destructive evaluation applications.

Dr Tristan Lowe

Chief Technology Officer

Originally completed a Master of Engineering at UMIST and then a PhD in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Manchester. It was during this time that he became interested in imaging techniques and the refinement of data collection through specimen preparation and instrument calibration methods.

He joined the Henry Mosely Imaging Facility in 2010, one of the first X-ray CT laboratories in the UK. Tristan continues to collaborate with a number of leading instrument manufactures and data processing companies in developing X-ray CT capabilities. His main interest is in instrument technique development, optimisation and data processing which is based around defect metrology for industry 4.0.

Within Aletheia, he is the principle spatial target designer and application specialist. In this role he ensures that the spatial target designs produced are directly matched to the needs of the customer. In addition to this role he also enjoys developing training materials to demystify the science behind X-ray CT and improve users’ understanding.