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Aletheia’s powerful software package enables comprehensive image quality analysis to be performed on both 2D and 3D IQIs and RQIs. Characterisation of radiographic and tomographic spatial resolution is made possible at the touch of a button, with Aletheia’s proprietary template matching functionality enabling rapid processing of as many features as required for inline industrial evaluation of parts.


Full image analysis of 2D IQIs is supported in Aletheia’s software, enabling users of radiography to quickly determine instrument spatial resolution capability. Commonly used IQIs, including JIMA charts and Siemens Stars, are built into the software, providing a convenient processing solution for the most frequently encountered 2D IQI designs.

X-ray Computed Tomography

Determination of 3D spatial resolution from the reconstructed volume of IQIs and RQIs is made possible through Aletheia’s software. Measurement confidence and errors are also part of Aletheia’s in-built template matching solution. This solution is configured to support the full range of 3D IQIs and RQIs offered by Aletheia, ensuring users can benefit from fast processing. In addition, bespoke templates for alternative IQI/RQI designs can be added upon request.

Instrument Performance Tracking

Ensuring consistency in the performance of a radiography or CT instrument is essential across a variety of applications. The instrument performance tracking feature built into Aletheia’s software provides users with the ability to monitor instrument capability, in both 2D and 3D, over time. Incidences of out of specification performances can be flagged by the package, allowing operators to pre-empt declines in system performance.