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Designers and manufacturers of bespoke X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) spatial targets and analysis software for defect metrology.

Aletheia Imaging Solutions is a spin-out from the University of Manchester. Incorporated in 2021, our aim is to bring metrological traceability to X-ray CT. Aletheia’s patented 3D calibration targets and sophisticated analysis software provide users of X-ray CT with the confidence that their system is achieving sufficient spatial resolution and measurement confidence for the Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) application at hand.

Spatial Targets

Internal defects identified in 3D without damaging/ destroying the component.


Software has been developed to extract image quality metrics from the 3D targets.


Targets provide the most value when used in conjunction with the software.


Specifically designed to give an accurate understanding of our technology and its uses in your business.

Case Studies

Read case studies that explain the impact of our work.

About Us

Find out more about the Aletheia Imaging Solutions Team.